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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Finally, The Best Way To Keep Avocados!

Go ahead, take advantage of any sales on avocados and buy all you want, ripe or unripe*'ll never have to worry about your avocados going to waste again!

A while back, I posted a good way to save leftover avocados (How This Avocado BLT Stacks Up).  However, I have since discovered an even better way; and I've been using this method successfully for a while.

Simply, it's freezing the avocados!  I explain the method below...easy peasy!
                                           Aah, My Beloved Butter....
                                      Now I Can Have All I Want!

What You Need
  • Ripe Avocado(s)*
  • Lime Juice (or lemon juice...lime works the best)
  • Parchment or Wax Paper
  • A Tray or Plastic Cutting Board (that will fit into your freezer)  
  • Freezer bag(s)

                                      I'll Never Be Without You Again...
                                               Always, Mine! <3

      The Method
  1. Line a tray or plastic cutting board with parchment or wax paper that will accommodate the amount of avocado you will be freezing and that will also fit into your freezer.
  2. Clean the ripe avocado(s), cut in half, remove the pit(s) and scoop each half out into whole pieces.
  3. Slice each whole half of avocado into about 1/2" slices and lay the pieces flat, spaced a little apart, onto the lined tray.  Sprinkle with lime juice
  4. Freeze until hard set (about an hour or so...I've left in the freezer as long as overnight).  Carefully remove from the paper (use a rubber spatula if necessary) and place into freezer bag(s).  I like to keep the slices whole if possible.  Date bags so you can rotate as you use them.  
  5. I generally use any avocados I've frozen within two months or less, so I can't really tell you (outside of two months) how long the avocados will be good in the freezer.
  6. Just take out how much you need at a time and thaw.  You can thaw at room temperature, covered tightly with plastic wrap, (about 30 minutes...not too long) or gently in the microwave,* covered with parchment or wax paper.   I prefer the microwave.  Use immediately after thawing.
  7. Use the avocados however you like.  This is a particularly good method to save avocados for making guacamole.
  • Be sure to use avocados that have been allowed to ripen before you freeze.
  • To thaw a few frozen pieces in the microwave, place on a microwavable plate, cover with parchment or wax paper and thaw on defrost, or 30% power, for about 20-25 seconds.  You may want to experiment initially to determine how long it takes to thaw the avocados in your microwave.  Try not to thaw too's actually better to leave the avocados a little cold than completely thawed.
                                       Straight From The Freezer...
                              Just A Little Thawing & We're Good To Go! 

There you'll enjoy never having to be without avocados again! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! The key is not to completely thaw and to use immediately after thawing! Enjoy!

  2. Fantastic idea Bonnie! We'll definitely try this one out! Great job!

  3. Wonderful tips! Thank you for sharing, Bonnie! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Maria. So simple and works so great! Enjoy!

  4. What a great idea!! I love avocado and will be able to enjoy even more now. Thanks so much.Leah

    1. Truly appreciate your nice comment, Leah! Such a simple idea & works beautifully! Enjoy!