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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Homemade Apple Butter In The Slow Cooker

The brisk, cool Fall days just seem to beckon apple butter for our more hearty breakfasts.  I love my apple butter, and I'm also very particular about it!  So, when I saw this easy slow cooker version from Jackie at the blog Syrup and Biscuits, I thought why not make my own!

Jackie suggested selecting your favorite apples and using more than one variety for the best flavor.  I used all Fuji and was very pleased with the results!  Most anyone who likes apple butter will love this amazing homemade bought just does not compare to it!

She advised that the yield was 3 to 4 half pints, but I actually got 5 half pints! I guess there could be a number of variables on the yield...perhaps the variety of apples you use, how thin you peel or how thorough you core your apples, or how long you cook them?

I'll be sure to double the recipe the next time in my larger slow cooker, so I'll have plenty for friends, family and me!

                                                Autumn and Apples...
                                                And Apple Butter!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Carrot "Souffle" Casserole ~ Adapted From The Famed Piccadilly Southern Cafeteria!

This "souffle" has been floating around my recipes-to-be-made file for a while.  Shame on me, because all this time we've been missing out of this fantastic dish!  It's an excellent imitation of a very popular side dish from the famed Piccadilly Southern cafeteria.  I think it's actually a little lighter than the restaurant's version; and, naturally, I've done my "spin" on it.

Delightfully sweet, it's similar to a sweet potato "souffle"...making it a wonderful addition to your holiday meals.  We all love our leftovers on Thanksgiving, and this is a good one for sneaking a little cold from the fridge.  (Don't tell anyone, but I love it, warm or cold, with a nice dollop of whipped know me and my cream toppings!)

                               Have Your Dessert Before Your Entree?...
                                               Why Not with It!