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Monday, December 31, 2018

Easy, Dreamy, Creamy Cookie Trifle

So, I was in the grocery store bakery and spotted a sign advertising cookies I'd never seen before; but, they didn't have them. Why the sign?  To make up for the blunder, the bakery offered me a deal on some freshly baked cranberry and white chocolate cookies.  Well, I just had to accept the cookies after all the trouble they had gone to make me a happy customer...right? 

But, with so many holiday cookies at home, as tasty as the new cookies were, they just went into the freezer.  Hmm, finally decided to incorporate them into a really good dessert; and, of course, with the busy holiday season, it had to be easy!

I adore trifles...who doesn't?  Well, that's just what I made...a trifle layered with cinnamon cream cheese goodness with cranberry and white chocolate cookies melded in between and crowned with billowy homemade whipped cream!

                                            So Dreamy and Creamy...
                                      I'll Have A Large Scoop, Please!