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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

To-Die-For Strawberry Hand Pies with Homemade Crust (or Not)

My daughter is a fearless baker!  I'm always telling her...oh no, don't try's too hard, or too much trouble!  It seems the more I insist the recipe is too stressful, the more determined she is to make it! 

Recently, she decided she wanted to try her hand at hand pies (get it...try her hand at hand pies?  Oh, never mind...I can get kinda corny!)  She chose strawberry, as it is one of her favorite flavors.

Her husband loves pies, and she has been getting into making her own crusts...and they are wonderful!  So, she was set on making the crust for these strawberry hand pies from scratch.  I tried to discourage her from making a homemade crust, so the recipe would be easier.  But do you think she listened to me...of course not! 

Well, naturally, the pies were to-die-for fabulous!

                                             Wouldn't You Just Love to...
                                          Bite Right into One of These?

For this delectable recipe, see Strawberry Hand Pies from Michael at Inspired by Charm.  My daughter added a little lemon zest to the filling.

Perfect for a picnic, snack or dessert, Enjoy these scrumptious strawberry hand pies by themselves or with a good premium vanilla ice cream! 

(Psst, if you are in a pinch, or just lazy like me, you can use a good refrigerated, pre-rolled store-bought pie crust...just don't tell my daughter I said that!)