Monday, January 10, 2011

Old Fashioned Snow Cream

It's snowing in the Deep South, and my friend Jessie brought over some snow cream she made from the snow - thought you could have some fun with the kids:

Jessie's Recipe for Snow Cream

1 gal. of freshly captured snow
1 TB pure vanilla
1 c. sugar
*milk or half & half

Mix the snow, vanilla and sugar, then add *milk or half & half until you achieve the desired consistency.

Tip:  Although it's best to catch the snow in a bucket, you can scrape the snow off a surface - but, don't use the first layer or the last - use the layer in between.


  1. What a great way to utilize all this coldness! I know my niece and nephew in Colorado would love to make and eat this! Thank you for sharing another creative and fun recipe. I hope you have a great Thursday...the week is almost done!

  2. @Monet - Hi! It's not only easy, it's actually sooo delicious and refreshing! Yes, I think the children should have fun with this. If you ever get enough snow in Austin and you and hubby are feeling playful, please try it!