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Monday, May 16, 2011

My Guest Post on Tips For Food Blogging

I'm really flattered that Ben at Broke and Starving recently requested any advice from me for a start-up cooking blog.  On his post today, he has passed on some tips which I shared that I've learned since I've been food blogging.

I encourage you to visit Ben's unique website at Broke and Starving, where you'll find cost-saving, quick and easy, unordinary and delicious recipes for everyday meals.  I just crack up every time I look at his logo...isn't it so typical of sticking your head in the fridge and trying to find what you want? 

You are invited to comment on his post with any tips you may also have.

I've been working on a couple of new recipe posts which I think you'll love...look for them soon.


  1. Bonnie congratulations on your guest post--such great tips! And thank you for the mention that I am a great supporter. The friends I have made through blogging is something that I never bargained for when I started, but I am so thankful for them! I thank YOU for the support you give me!

  2. @Dulce Dough - Jill, your blog is such a friendly, honest site. Anyone visiting is in for a real treat (literally)! I treasure your friendship!
    Thank you for your well wishes!