Thursday, December 16, 2010

They Cleaned The Store Out!

Can you believe it? Someone picked up 50 jars of the Crosse and Blackwell Rum and Brandy Mincemeat at the Publix I frequent since my last blog (and tweet) about the Holiday Mincemeat Salad! Coincidence?

Were they actually taking my advice? But with extreme hoarding? Or for a Really Big Party? Save a jar or two for the rest of us! What do you think? Will the mystery shopper please come forward?


  1. 50 jars! My oh my! Maybe a restaurant swooped in and picked up the stuff. Thank you so much for sharing with me. Have a super Saturday!

  2. @Monet - Yes, I wondered if that were the case, or maybe a caterer. I have not checked every site, but it actually may be less expensive at the grocery store than ordering on line. Also, I was told the grocery store would pick up some at a competitor's store if necessary to satisfy a client's needs, so was it another grocery chain? I hope you have a great weekend also!