Friday, January 16, 2015

Luscious Pecan Praline Topping ~ "How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways"

When I first made the butter pecan glaze for my beloved Fall Harvest Apple Cake, I thought "this is way more than just a glaze"'s actually pecan praline topping!

I've since enjoyed this fantastic topping on so many different things that I decided (because it is so good and versatile) it should be canned!  As a unique Valentine gift for friends and loved ones, present this wonderful topping in jars tied with pretty ribbons along with tags explaining care and suggested ways to use.

My favorite way to enjoy this decadent topping is to melt a little in the microwave and pour over freshly popped popcorn.  I also love stirring a little into my coffee or hot cocoa...that little surprise crunch from toasted pecan pieces is such a treat! 

Hey, on Valentine's Day (or any day for that matter), wouldn't you just love to awaken to a tray of fluffy French toast doused with a luscious pecan praline topping...I bet your loved one(s) would!

                                           "How Do I Love Thee...
                                        Let Me Count The Ways"

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pimento Cheese Filled Deviled Eggs - Southern with Style!

A party or get-together in the South almost always means "Who's going to bring the deviled eggs?"  This year, I was elected to bring them to a holiday get-together at my daughter's mother-in-law's house.  Now, folks, her family is serious about their deviled eggs!  I confess, I can't remember the last time I personally made deviled eggs, so I was glad to try my hand at them.

I chose to make pimento cheese deviled eggs and sought my daughter's mother-in-law's advice on what kind of pimento cheese to use.  She strongly endorsed Palmetto Cheese (a Southern favorite), which I found in the deli section of the grocery.  These stuffed eggs were gobbled up in no time...a true attestment as to how scrumptious they were!

So, If this recipe didn't make it in time for your New Year's Eve party...there's still time for a New Year's Day party or brunch!
                                         "They're So Pretty!" and...
                                  They're Deviled Egg-Expert Approved!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Have A Very Happy Chanukah Cookie House!

My son and his wife surprised us at our family Chanukah celebration this year with this gorgeous cookie house!  The decorated graham crackers which they chose to make, in addition to assembling the house, were scattered around the house on the platter and completed the scene. 

Though, admittedly, they found the house "a pain in the tuchus" to assemble, we thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed it; and I feel they actually had some fun making it!  The grandchildren and all the neighborhood kids loved it!

                                From Our Very Happy Chanukah House...
                                To You and Yours...Happy Holidays!                                                                                     

(This cookie house is from a kit is made by Manischewitz.)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Crunchy Naked Southern Pan-Fried Okra ~ Guilt Free!

The craving for fried okra overwhelms you, but the guilt holds you back.  Well no you can enjoy crunchy Southern fried okra guilt free with this super easy naked pan-fried okra!

This is a challenging time of year with my birthday and all the holidays; and this year was a big milestone for me, as I entered a new decade!  I feel the same...I refuse to age!   We enjoyed a wonderful celebration with family and friends.  Then my computer crashed...guess that's what a big birthday does!  As usual, with my son to the rescue, I'm back in business with only a few details to be completed (by him, of course)!

During the crazy holiday season, we need simple dishes like this scrumptious fried okra...great for family dinners or as a holiday side.  Why wait, let's satisfy that craving...

                                 I Think I Could Eat The Whole Pan...                                            
                                           This May Be My Dinner!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Savory Roasted Butternut and Acorn Squash Blend

Inspired by my daughter's fantastic roasted butternut squash, I developed a delicious and satisfying roasted blend of butternut and acorn squash, as I just happened to have both on hand.

You'll find this simple recipe an ideal, savory Thanksgiving side and a wonderful way to use your squash decorations after Turkey Day!  Of course, you can roast one or the other by themselves, and the squash may be peeled and cut a day ahead.

                                Festive Thanksgiving Colors with....
                                   Traditional Holiday Flavors!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Baked Apple Pie Pinwheel Dumplings or Rugelach Cookies ~ Super Easy and Super Good!

I'm so excited to share these incredibly easy and scrumptious apple pie pinwheels...they came out perfectly the first time I made them, and that's always a great thing!  Made with tortillas, these divine dumplings are a lighter version of apple pie and just as gratifying.  Tons of fun, this is a great recipe to make with the kids and also ideal for Fall festivals.

The best way to eat these fabulous pies is right out of the oven while they're crispy and crunchy; but they're still fantastic even after stored overnight or longer!  Serve them as a handheld dessert in cupcake papers, or individually plated with forks.  Enjoy them by themselves or with a premium vanilla ice cream on the side, with/or without a good caramel sauce, or with my Butter Pecan Glaze!

This is another one of my two-for-one recipes...for bite-size fun, you can roll a little differently for simple, delectable rugelach.  When I first placed the few rugelach I made into the pan, I had my doubts; but they came out incredibly good...just as good as the dumplings, only a different shape and also very pretty.

It's amazing how the texture of the tortillas becomes more pastry-like when baked in a dessert recipe.  I'll definitely be baking more with tortillas!
                                                   All For Me...